portable power for camping

Our outdoor portable power is ranged from 300w-1000w. And there are two colors for your choice, grey and blue. It is your perfect choice for outdoor travel or camping…

Additional information

Battery Capacity

15Ah (189wh,60000mAh)



Net weight


Charging time

4 hours

Battery type

Ternary Lithium battery

Plug type

Custom is available.

LED Output

LED lighting/ flash/ SOS

Outbody material


Product Details:

Easier to  use electricity for outdoor travel

. Aviation aluminium body, wear-resistant and fall-resistant

. BMS system, 8-layer over-current protection

. Multiple output ports, power supply at the same time without mutual interferentce

. Automobile-grade lithium battery, with durable power

. Multiple charging modes    Municipal electricity/ Solar energy/ Vehicle

. LCD, power consumption is clear at a glance


Help you easily conquer the outdoors, understand what you need

. Outdoor live broadcast   Continuous outdoor live broadcast, help you become a live broadcast expert

. Campling in the wild   Charging for car refrigerator, projector and lighting

. Mobile officing   No longer need to find everywhere to recharge outdoor

. Power failure emergency   Not worry about sudden power failure, give you a normal life

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