Several questions about YP Power

1.Q: What should I look for when buying a portable power station?

A: First, you should consider your needs for purchasing a power station and for running what particular type of equipment.
Secondly, you need to know the power of the specific equipment, and whether the Jackery model can run your equipment, meeting your needs.
Generally, there will be voltage and current information specified on the body of household electrical equipment. You need to determine whether the voltage falls within the allowable range of Jackery’s solutions. If it does, you can use this information to calculate the power of your equipment, and determine whether Jackery can run all the equipment you require.

2.Q: How long will a portable power station last?

A: Please note that if you turn off all buttons, the portable power station itself consumes 5% of the power in a month. And the runtime of the power station is generally dependent on the power of the device you are using. You can calculate the runtime of the power station by using the following formula: Operating time = Wh (watt hours) of the Explorer * 0.85 / the power of your running device.

3.Q: How do you charge a portable power station?

A: There are four methods to recharge the Explorer power station. These are: 1. Via Solar Saga panel 2. Via wall outlet 3. Via car charger 4. Via gas generator

4.Q: Can I leave my Jackery power station plugged in all the time?

A: All of our power stations are equipped with a Battery Management System (BMS) to prevent them from overcharging. To maintain and prolong the health of the battery, we do suggest unplugging the unit from the charger after the battery has reached 100%.

5.Q: Can I replace a battery in the Jackery power station?

A: Sorry, the battery inside is currently not replaceable for existing models. Furthermore, specific professional skills are required for manual replacement of internal batteries/parts. Hence, we recommend for you to contact if the product fails. We additionally have a warranty policy that offers a 2 year limited warranty on our products. Kindly note that the Jackery warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, modification, or any accidental damage.


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